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HOIA homespa is a natural cosmetics brand operating in Saaremaa, which manufactures its products manually and in an environmentally sustainable manner. HOIA products are designed for Nordic dry and dermatitis-prone skin, they are 100% natural and have not been tested on animals, but on humans. All products except deodorants and lip balms (containing beeswax) are also suitable for vegans. HOIA aims to produce as environmentally sustainable and ethically as possible and we do not weave the quantities and quality of ingredients. Last year, we replaced almost all of our ingredients with organic, which means that nearly 80% of HOIA raw materials are of mild origin.

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is the call of HOIA homespa, an Island natural cosmetics brand, for a sustainable lifestyle. It is our great wish to work towards even better and environmentally sustainable solutions on a daily basis and to use as many reusable packaging as possible for packaging products and to promote the idea of a circular economy and sustainable consumption. You too can do your part to ensure that almost every package gets a new life and does not stop in a dumpster after a single use.

Discounted products

  • HOIA Liposoomne Näokreem -40% Off

    15 ml

    New skin smoothing Liposomal face cream with niacinamide, liposomal botox-like peptides and hyaluronic acid has amazing skin smoothing, firming and moisturizing properties. 

    100% natural and vegan!

    Read more below. 

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  • HOIA Looduslik Deodorant Wild Child -39% Off

    The renewed HOIA deodorant contains clay and maranta root powder, which bind moisture and natural active ingredients that effectively prevent the development of an unpleasant sweat smell. Coconut fat contained in deodorant has antibacterial properties; cocoa butter and beeswax care for, protect and moisturize the skin; and essential oils help prevent the spread of bacteria and keep you fresh.

    40 ml

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  • 29,90 

    With a particularly rich composition and effective effect, Vitamin Serum Bon Appetit nourishes the skin with a powerful cocktail of vitamins! In its composition, bakuchiol, or phytotetiol, or vegetable vitamins of vitamin A, C and E, which in combination help stimulate the formation of collagen in the skin, tighten the skin, improve complexion and elasticity, harmonize skin tone and relieve hyperpigmentation, improve sun-damaged skin and smooth wrinkles.

    Vitamin serum is a true beauty boomer for your skin that keeps your skin healthy, beautiful, radiant, frizzy and moisturized. Read more below.

    10 ml

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  • HOIA BB kreem -33% Off
    15,90 29,90 

    The light-reflecting HOIA BB cream with a lightweight composition helps to harmonize the skin tone, and the reflective particles contained in it help hide small imperfections on the skin. Our BB cream moisturizes and nourishes the skin and has a light coverage.

    Our BB cream has a universal tone and is suitable for most skin tones. The cream with an airy consistency is suitable for use as a harmonizing cream or under a make-up cream to moisturize the skin and provide better coverage.

    25 ml

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