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HOIA homespa is a natural cosmetics brand operating in Saaremaa, which manufactures its products manually and in an environmentally sustainable manner. HOIA products are designed for Nordic dry and dermatitis-prone skin, they are 100% natural and have not been tested on animals, but on humans. All products except deodorants and lip balms (containing beeswax) are also suitable for vegans. HOIA aims to produce as environmentally sustainable and ethically as possible and we do not weave the quantities and quality of ingredients. Last year, we replaced almost all of our ingredients with organic, which means that nearly 80% of HOIA raw materials are of mild origin.

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is the call of HOIA homespa, an Island natural cosmetics brand, for a sustainable lifestyle. It is our great wish to work towards even better and environmentally sustainable solutions on a daily basis and to use as many reusable packaging as possible for packaging products and to promote the idea of a circular economy and sustainable consumption. You too can do your part to ensure that almost every package gets a new life and does not stop in a dumpster after a single use.

Discounted products

  • Pinguldav Silmaseerum

    Eye gel has a skin-tightening, toning, skin-softening, soothing effect, and the active ingredients in its composition stimulate the renewal process of the skin. HOIA eye gel cares for, moisturizes and keeps the area around the eye beautiful. The eye serum is made on the basis of hydrosol distilled from holy basil or fire, rosemary and mint grown in Saaremaa, which give the product a pleasant herb smell and enrich the serum with dozens of phytomaterials. Read more below.

    15 ml

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  • HOIA homespa Hooldav Huulepalsam melissi ja saialillega
    -25% Off
    5,18 6,90 

    HOIA tutikas lip balm is a particularly caring butter for lips made from organically grown marigolds in Saaremaa. Honey essential oil has been added to the lip balm, which has a preventive effect on herpes and helps to keep the lips healthy. In the composition of the balm you can find an as-yet unrefined deep-caring shea butter, cocoa butter and raspberry seed oil containing omega 3 fatty acids. We have lip balm with marigolds and molasses in a version without gloss and pink gloss.

    The pink glossy version contains mica of natural mineral origin.

    5.5 ml

  • 29,90 

    With a particularly rich composition and effective effect, Vitamin Serum Bon Appetit nourishes the skin with a powerful cocktail of vitamins! In its composition, bakuchiol, or phytotetiol, or vegetable vitamins of vitamin A, C and E, which in combination help stimulate the formation of collagen in the skin, tighten the skin, improve complexion and elasticity, harmonize skin tone and relieve hyperpigmentation, improve sun-damaged skin and smooth wrinkles.

    Vitamin serum is a true beauty boomer for your skin that keeps your skin healthy, beautiful, radiant, frizzy and moisturized. Read more below.

    10 ml

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  • HOIA Turgutav Jalavannisool
    -25% Off
    11,93 15,90 

    A little tangerine, a little wintergreen, a jolt of magnesium, some eucalyptus, some honey and moisturizing aloe, and plenty of Himalayan salt and your feet are popped up after a long day at work! All the best and best foot bath salt offers an invigorating boost to your feet and a pleasant aromatherapy for your senses. Aloe and honey make the legs so pleasantly soft, and magnesium helps the muscles relax.

    The product is packaged in a 250 ml bottle.

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