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    HOIA Castor Oil is a cold-pressed, unrefined high-quality beauty oil that contains exceptionally high levels of essential fatty acids (ricinoleic, oleic, linoleic, stearic, palmitic acids). Castor oil helps alleviate various localized skin irritations, such as cracked skin, acne, and sunburn, strengthens and nourishes damaged and dyed hair, and soothes the scalp. Castor oil promotes the growth of eyebrow and eyelash hair, nourishes dry and cracked cuticles, and softens knees and elbows.

    Due to its thick and viscous consistency, castor oil is suitable for enriching various skincare products, such as body creams or oils.

    50 ml

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    Quickly absorbed in a comfortable bottle with a roller, HOIA Restorative Nail Oil contains an extraordinary variety of fatty acids that moisturize and nourish your nails and cuticles. The rich complex of essential oils contained in nail oil provides the necessary care for your nails. The oil promotes the growth of nails, makes them stronger and more elastic, and helps to keep nails healthy and beautiful. Read more below

    15 ml

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  • HOIA Secret Box kinkekarp -40% Off

    March is facial care month in HOIA, and the surprise Secret Box box also hides HOIA’s high-quality facial care products this time.

    The Secret Box in March has 5 HOIA facial care products with a total value of €71.50 and for you this box is 40% off, i.e. for just €42.90.

    We bring you an effective and high-quality facial treatment ritual – You can make a mask, clean and moisturize your facial skin, protect it from a crisp cold and give it a radiant complexion, i.e. a real pop and time for yourself, which is what each of us needs!

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    50 ml

    The rejuvenating Hand Serum has a gel-like texture and is quickly absorbed and leaves your hands pleasantly soft and moisturized. Hand serum is made on the basis of tea tree hydrosol with cleansing properties, which, among other things, helps to keep nails healthy and beautiful.

    The hand serum has a mild scent.

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  • HOIA Kinkekaart
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    HOIA homespa gift card is the best gift for a person who appreciates clean and natural body care products. A gift card is a great gift, because the gift recipient can choose the products they like the best.

    It is possible to receive the gift card both virtually and packaged in a beautiful gift box. You can choose a gift card worth € 25, € 50, € 75 and € 100.