• -9% Off

    In the GLAM set you’ll find 3 skin-stroking and extra radiant body care products that will make your parties particularly raucous and bright. The set includes Glow Scrub Überblingen (200 ml), Body Cocktail Body Glam (50 ml) and Sparkling Lip Balm (4.5 ml). All products in the kit contain glitter particles that are of mineral origin and do not pollute the environment and do not contain plastic. The set is packaged in a HOIA gift box.

    Read about the products in the kit below.


  • -10% Off

    3 necessary hair care products in one box – in hoia hair set you will find products that nourish the scalp, give shine to the hair and stimulate hair growth. The set includes Organic Shampoo with Lemongrass (200 ml), Organic Hair Balm Rapunzel (200 ml) and Organic Hair Serum (50 ml).

    The set is packaged in a beautiful HOIA gift box.

  • -33% Off

    Babyface is a light and mild-smelling serum for men, made on the basis of hydrosol distilled from the islet iisop herb and enriched with hyaluronic acid, oat protein, coconut water, aloe and allantoin, which in combination moisturize and tighten the skin, soothe skin irritations after shaving and leave the skin silky smooth and soft! Read more below.

    30 ml

  • Pinguldav Silmaseerum

    Eye gel has a skin-tightening, toning, skin-softening, soothing effect, and the active ingredients in its composition stimulate the renewal process of the skin. HOIA eye gel cares for, moisturizes and keeps the area around the eye beautiful. The eye serum is made on the basis of hydrosol distilled from holy basil or fire, rosemary and mint grown in Saaremaa, which give the product a pleasant herb smell and enrich the serum with dozens of phytomaterials. Read more below.

    15 ml

  • HOIA Looduslik Deodorant Wild Child

    The renewed HOIA deodorant contains clay and maranta root powder, which bind moisture and natural active ingredients that effectively prevent the development of an unpleasant sweat smell. Coconut fat contained in deodorant has antibacterial properties; cocoa butter and beeswax care for, protect and moisturize the skin; and essential oils help prevent the spread of bacteria and keep you fresh.

    40 ml

  • 29,90 

    With a particularly rich composition and effective effect, Vitamin Serum Bon Appetit nourishes the skin with a powerful cocktail of vitamins! In its composition, bakuchiol, or phytotetiol, or vegetable vitamins of vitamin A, C and E, which in combination help stimulate the formation of collagen in the skin, tighten the skin, improve complexion and elasticity, harmonize skin tone and relieve hyperpigmentation, improve sun-damaged skin and smooth wrinkles.

    Vitamin serum is a true beauty boomer for your skin that keeps your skin healthy, beautiful, radiant, frizzy and moisturized. Read more below.

    10 ml

  • HOIA Turgutav Jalavannisool

    A little tangerine, a little wintergreen, a jolt of magnesium, some eucalyptus, some honey and moisturizing aloe, and plenty of Himalayan salt and your feet are popped up after a long day at work! All the best and best foot bath salt offers an invigorating boost to your feet and a pleasant aromatherapy for your senses. Aloe and honey make the legs so pleasantly soft, and magnesium helps the muscles relax.

    The product is packaged in a 250 ml bottle.

  • HOIA Saialillesalv

    Marigold tray is for the care of dry, inflamed and scaly skin. The ointment is made from saaremaa organically grown marigolds, shea butter and unrefined oils rich in various fatty acids. Essential oils of cuckoo gold and lavender have been added to the ointment, which help the skin to recover faster; beeswax, which protects the skin from cold minus degrees and wind.

    Marigold ointment is suitable for use on extremely dry, scaly, braiding and irritated skin – lips, under the nose and elsewhere. Read on below.

    The product is packaged in 15 ml and 50 ml aluminum jars.

  • HOIA BB kreem
    15,90 29,90 

    The light-reflecting HOIA BB cream with a lightweight composition helps to harmonize the skin tone, and the reflective particles contained in it help hide small imperfections on the skin. Our BB cream moisturizes and nourishes the skin and has a light coverage.

    Our BB cream has a universal tone and is suitable for most skin tones. The cream with an airy consistency is suitable for use as a harmonizing cream or under a make-up cream to moisturize the skin and provide better coverage.

    25 ml

  • -29% Off

    Hoia bathrobe/ kimono is for men who value comfort, body-friendly material and timeless, multifunctional clothing. HOIA coat/kimonos are 100% linen material and sewn ready on our paradise island in Saaremaa. The male kimono is in gray color. The kimono has loops on the sides from which the belt passes through – so it will not be lost. The male kimono corresponds to the size L-XL.

  • -23% Off

    HOIA women’s bathrobe /kimono is designed for a woman who appreciates boho style, who loves comfort, body-friendly material and timeless, multifunctional clothes. HOIA coat/kimonos are 100% linen material and sewn ready on our paradise island in Saaremaa. Read more below


  • 29,90 

    Luxury HOIA cosmetics bag for your home spa favorites. The cosmetic bag is black in color and carries the HOIA logo embroidered with gold thread and on the other side the message “I CHOOSE to be happy”, which reminds us that happiness and joy do not come from the outside – it is generated to feel within us just when we choose to be happy!


  • 16,90 

    Luxury HOIA cosmetics bag for your beauty favorites. The cosmetic bag made of linen is sewn on our paradise island in Saaremaa. The HOIA logo is also embroidered with a gold thread on top of the cosmetic bag. The bag is exactly the right size to accommodate your everyday beauty products and it’s convenient to grab it everywhere.

    Zippered bag dimensions: 13 x 20 cm.

  • -40% Off

    March is facial care month in HOIA, and the surprise Secret Box box also hides HOIA’s high-quality facial care products this time.

    The Secret Box in March has 5 HOIA facial care products with a total value of €71.50 and for you this box is 40% off, i.e. for just €42.90.

    We bring you an effective and high-quality facial treatment ritual – You can make a mask, clean and moisturize your facial skin, protect it from a crisp cold and give it a radiant complexion, i.e. a real pop and time for yourself, which is what each of us needs!