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    In the MINID set you will find 3 refreshing everyday products for hair and body. Includes Organic Shampoo, Organic Hair Balm, Organic Shower Gel.

    The included products come in 50 ml bottles to make it convenient to take them to work out, to the spa or on a trip. All products are well suited for both men and women. PS! The set is not packaged in a HOIA gift box.

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    3 necessary hair care products in one box – in hoia hair set you will find products that nourish the scalp, give shine to the hair and stimulate hair growth. The set includes Organic Shampoo with Lemongrass (200 ml), Organic Hair Balm Rapunzel (200 ml) and Organic Hair Serum (50 ml).

    The set is packaged in a beautiful HOIA gift box.

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    Find your ideal beauty ritual with HOIA facial serums, oils and elixir!

    Magic Ritual gift box is designed so you can try and test all our 6te facial serums, oil and elixir at once. If you do not know which OF HOIA oils is best suited for your facial skin, here is the solution: the set is designed specifically for you to find the most suitable facial care routine and find out which oil is suitable for your skin under the makeup, which one in the evening before bedtime, what kind of shine is suitable and which is suitable for giving extra moisturization? Try them all and find the perfect beauty ritual for your facial skin! Read more below

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    Gift Set HYPNOSIS! is a must have for all glitter lovers.
    In a gift box you will find 4 glittering products from our birthday collection. All products leave your skin silky smooth and sparkling.

    Gift set includes:
    Shimmering Bodywhip Golden Goddess 75ml
    Shimmering Bodyscrub Überblingen 75ml
    Shimmering Body Oil CELEBRATION 50ml
    Shimmering Lip Balm 6ml

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    Baby mother kit is a great gift for a mother and a baby. In this kit you will find truely loved HOIA babycream, which is suitable for every life event –  it relieves diaper rash, red and scaly skin, dermatitis and other skin problems. Babycream doesn`t tingle and chlidren love to put it on. Babycream is 100% natural – so if your baby decides to put it the mouth it doesn`t harm the baby.

    In the kit you will also find a freely chosen body scrub, which gives the baby mother a chance to relax for a moment. HOIA body scrubs are aromatherapic and they leave the skin sliky soft. Sugar micromassage resulting from peeling, stimulates blood circulation and leaves the skin softly flushed. HOIA body scrubs is a wonderful litter helper because all the washing, peeling and creaming procedures can be done with one product. From the baby mother kit you will also find the incredible HOIA lip balm, which takes care of the lips and keeps them very soft for kissing the baby.

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