• -10% Off

    In the HOIA starter kit, you’ll find 3 of our classics and big favorites of both our customers and the HOIA team, which everyone should have at home!

    In the gift set, you’ll find our first product – the Lemongrass Body Scrub; Nourishing Lip Balm with Calendula, which helps keep lips beautiful and healthy during the autumn season, and the Peat Mask, which will make your skin radiant.

    More information about the products can be found below.

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  • HOIA Kehahoolduskomplekt -15% Off

    From the HOIA Body Care Set, you’ll find 2  practical products – Organic Lemongrass Shampoo and Organic Shower Gel.

    This combo of everyday cleansing essentials is suitable for both personal use and as a gift for someone close to you.

    Read more about the products below.

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  • -15% Off

    From the HOIA Men’s Gift Set, you’ll find 3 universal body and facial care products that, to our knowledge, men use the most. The set includes HOIA Natural Shower Gel, Refreshing Facial Cleansing and Shaving Foam, and Face Balm Babyface.

    The set is packaged in a beautiful gift box and is a solid and practical gift for men of all ages.

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  • -22% Off

    In the HOIA Vitamin Course, there are 3 wonderful products:  Vitamin Serum with Bakuchiol “Bon Appetit” 15 ml Hyaluronic Acid Elixir Kleopatra 15 ml Super Serum Sundrops 15 ml The Bakuchiol Vitamin Serum (15 ml) is a serum with a rich composition and effective action. It contains phyto-retinol or plant-derived…

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  • HOIA homespa looduskosmeetika -10% Off

    From the set for problematic skin, you’ll find 5 effective HOIA skincare products that will help improve your skin condition in just a few weeks and alleviate various skin-related issues.

    Read on below to learn more about the products waiting for you and how to use them.

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  • Komplekt Hellus -10% Off

    The “Gentleness ”  gift set includes 3  HOIA products that help keep your skin soft and radiant in any weather.

    In the set, you’ll find:

    1. Aromatic Rose Beauty Water (100 ml): This fragrant beauty water moisturizes, refreshes, and tones the skin, leaving it feeling rejuvenated and radiant.
    2. Deep Moisturizing Hand Balm (50 ml): This deeply hydrating hand balm nourishes and softens the skin, providing relief for dry and rough hands, and leaving them feeling silky smooth.
    3. Essential Calendula Salve (15 ml): This indispensable salve helps soothe and protect the skin, providing relief for dryness, irritation, and minor skin issues. It’s perfect for keeping your lips soft and your skin nourished in harsh weather conditions.

    Feel free to explore more about each product below.

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  • HOIA kinkekomplekt -10% Off

    HOIA sun product set brings you 3 essential and effective products that protect, moisturize, and maintain your skin during the summer period.

    The set includes Natural Tanning Oil, which moisturizes and protects the skin from the sun; Monoi Butter, which soothes sun-heated skin; and Cooling Peppermint Spray, which keeps the mind alert.

    NB! You can choose between Tanning Oil, Raspberry Seed Oil, or Shimmering Body Oil for the set.

  • -10% Off

    In our luxurious set, we have  our award-winning products, so if you’re looking for something particularly glamorous, choose this gift! The box contains 4 products that care for your skin in the best possible way, nourishing, moisturizing, and pampering it.

    The set includes:

    • Indulgent coffee-mint-chocolate-scented exfoliating body mask EXFOLIATING CHOCOLATE RITUAL  200ml,
    • Gentle, deep-cleansing, and ultra-moisturizing organic face exfoliator SUPERSMOOTH 50ml,
    • Our customers’ favorite magical elixir enriched with hyaluronic acid KLEOPATRA 30ml,
    • Super-concentrated  beauty fluid SUPER ELIXIR BEAUTY SHOT 5ml.
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  • -15% Off

    In our Manly set, we have gathered products specifically designed for men because men’s skin requires special care! All products have a pleasantly masculine scent.

    The set includes:

    • REFRESHING FACE WASH AND SHAVING FOAM with peppermint scent, 60ml
    • POST-SHAVE FOAM with a rich composition and fresh scent, 50ml
    • BLUE MONDAY Intensive Foot Cream for deep care, 25ml
    • Calendula LIP BALM.
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  • -15% Off

    Looking for a gift that suits everyone – men, women, young, and old? This Unisex gift set contains products that elevate everyday skincare to a luxurious and enjoyable experience.

    The set includes:

    • Mandarin-scented SUPERSTAR Restoring Hand Cream 30ml,
    • Intensive foot cream BLUE MONDAY 25ml,
    • Exfoliating Shower Gel LAVENDER 50ml,
    • SOLID SHAMPOO 30ml.
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  • -10% Off

    In the set designed for mature skin, you will find 3 excellent HOIA products that offer effective care for mature and aging facial skin, which craves additional moisturizing, toning, and rejuvenating pampering. The products in the set are 100% natural and make your daily facial care routine effortless.

    Read more below.

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  • The set for sensitive skin -10% Off

    From sensitive facial skin set, you’ll find 3 excellent HOIA products that help gently but effectively care for easily irritated skin. The products in the set are 100% natural and are suitable for your daily skincare routine.

    Read more below.

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  • -10% Off

    In the MINIS set you will find 3 refreshing everyday products for hair and body. Includes Organic Shampoo, Organic Hair Balm, Organic Shower Gel.

    The included products come in 50 ml bottles to make it convenient to take them to work out, to the spa or on a trip. All products are well suited for both men and women. PS! The set is not packaged in a HOIA gift box.

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  • HAIR  Gift Set -10% Off

    3 necessary hair care products in one box – in hoia hair set you will find products that nourish the scalp, give shine to the hair and stimulate hair growth. The set includes Organic Shampoo with Lemongrass (200 ml), Organic Hair Balm Rapunzel (200 ml) and Organic Hair Serum (50 ml).

    The set is packaged in a beautiful HOIA gift box.

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  • HOIA Secret Box kinkekarp -40% Off

    March is facial care month in HOIA, and the surprise Secret Box box also hides HOIA’s high-quality facial care products this time.

    The Secret Box in March has 5 HOIA facial care products with a total value of €71.50 and for you this box is 40% off, i.e. for just €42.90.

    We bring you an effective and high-quality facial treatment ritual – You can make a mask, clean and moisturize your facial skin, protect it from a crisp cold and give it a radiant complexion, i.e. a real pop and time for yourself, which is what each of us needs!

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  • -10% Off
    44,91 53,91 

    Find your ideal beauty ritual with HOIA facial serums, oils and elixir!

    Magic Ritual gift box is designed so you can try and test all our 6te facial serums, oil and elixir at once. If you do not know which OF HOIA oils is best suited for your facial skin, here is the solution: the set is designed specifically for you to find the most suitable facial care routine and find out which oil is suitable for your skin under the makeup, which one in the evening before bedtime, what kind of shine is suitable and which is suitable for giving extra moisturization? Try them all and find the perfect beauty ritual for your facial skin! Read more below

  • -10% Off

    Gift Set HYPNOSIS! is a must have for all glitter lovers.
    In a gift box you will find 4 glittering products from our birthday collection. All products leave your skin silky smooth and sparkling.

    Gift set includes:
    Shimmering Bodywhip Golden Goddess 75ml
    Shimmering Bodyscrub Überblingen 75ml
    Shimmering Body Oil CELEBRATION 50ml
    Shimmering Lip Balm 6ml

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  • -10% Off

    Baby mother kit is a great gift for a mother and a baby. In this kit you will find truely loved HOIA babycream, which is suitable for every life event –  it relieves diaper rash, red and scaly skin, dermatitis and other skin problems. Babycream doesn`t tingle and chlidren love to put it on. Babycream is 100% natural – so if your baby decides to put it the mouth it doesn`t harm the baby.

    In the kit you will also find a freely chosen body scrub, which gives the baby mother a chance to relax for a moment. HOIA body scrubs are aromatherapic and they leave the skin sliky soft. Sugar micromassage resulting from peeling, stimulates blood circulation and leaves the skin softly flushed. HOIA body scrubs is a wonderful litter helper because all the washing, peeling and creaming procedures can be done with one product. From the baby mother kit you will also find the incredible HOIA lip balm, which takes care of the lips and keeps them very soft for kissing the baby.

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