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HYPNOSIS! is a glamorous collection of HOIA homespa from super-striking products created for our second birthday! The collection is hypnotically glittering and makes every woman feel godly. HYPNOSIS! The collection includes products that include carefully selected herbal oils ointments, essential oils and environmentally friendly glitter particles, all products except lip balm (including beeswax) are suitable for use and vegans! HYPNOSIS! The body bodybuilders in your collection will nourish your skin with the best of nature, making your skin soft and silky smooth. Sparkling body products contain herbal essential oils that offer tropical aromatherapy and skin-pleasing sperm therapy, and naturally leave the skin beautifully sparkling! Everyday is a DAY because every day we are given is a gift. CELEBRATE LIFE!
PS! The shimmer parts in the products are plastic-free and of mineral origin, and they do not pollute the environment.

  • 19,90 

    50 ml

    Body Glam is designed for women who want it all! It will leave your skin hydrated, silky soft and gives your skin a nice suntouched shimmering glow. This cocktail is based on organic apple, hibiscus and watermelon hydrosols, which give the product a natural fruity smell and pamper your skin with botanical vitamins, phytosterols, minerals and antioxidants.

    The product is packaged in a glass bottle with a 50 ml pump cap.

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  • Hõbedase säraga kehakoorija Unicorn Dust
    7,90 15,90 

    200 ml

    Unicorn Dust body scrub is a moisturizing scrub that leaves your skin silky soft and luxuriously sparkling.. This scrub is rich in organic unrefined shea butter and coconut oil, which effectively moisturize, hydrate and soften your skin; it contains sugar, which offers your skin a nice and stimulating massage. Unicorn Dust has a mood-boosting aroma.

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  • 9,90 19,90 

    200 ml

    The alluring coffee-mint-chocolate scented body mask gives the skin real spa pleasure! The body mask contains handmade organic chocolate, which provides the skin with a nourishment rich in vitamins and antioxidants; the peppermint oil contained in it stimulates and cools the skin; exfoliating blades of three different sizes provide a stimulating micromassage on the skin when applied to the mask; Coffee stimulates blood circulation. The nourishing luxurious chocolate spa experience leaves the skin silky soft and beautifully sparkly.

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  • Orgaaniline Aalogeel Sädelev Arbuus

    50 ml

    This fast-absorbing Aloe Gel with delicious watermelon scent gives your skin a soothing, cooling and skin softening hydration boost. The mildly cooling gel is quickly absorbed, does not leave the skin sticky and is suitable to use on the body.

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    Gift Set HYPNOSIS! is a must have for all glitter lovers.
    In a gift box you will find 4 glittering products from our birthday collection. All products leave your skin silky smooth and sparkling.

    Gift set includes:
    Shimmering Bodywhip Golden Goddess 75ml
    Shimmering Bodyscrub Überblingen 75ml
    Shimmering Body Oil CELEBRATION 50ml
    Shimmering Lip Balm 6ml

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  • 17,90 

    Luxurious chocolate treatment in your home.

    Shimmering Bodychocolate will melt in contact with skin, it is rich in organic cocoa powder, unrefined shea and cocoa butter nurturing your skin with vitamins and essential fatty acids. Bodychocolate helps to avoid and repair stretchmarks, effectively moisturize your skin by leaving it soft and silky smooth. The mineral sparkly particles give your skin shimmering glow.

    90 g

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  • 13,90 15,90 

    Überblingen is a super shimmering body scrub with a tropical mandarin and flower (ylang-ylang) aroma. Shimmer Scrub is rich in organic unrefined shea butter and coconut oil, which effectively moisturize, hydrate and soften your skin; it contains sugar and Himalayan salt, which help to scrub away all impurities and dead skin cells leaving your skin soft and silky smooth. There is no need to use a moisturizer after using this scrub.

    200 ml

  • Säravaht Golden Goddess
    12,90 19,90 

    Golden Goddess is a shimmering whipped body balm, which leave your skin luxuriously shimmering and silky smooth. It is scented with lime and tangerine essential oils. Shimmer Bodywhip is rich in organic unrefined shea butter, coconut oil, cocoa butter, E-vitamin and a blend of plant based oils, which effectively help to moisturize and soften your skin. This bodybalm alleviates dry and flaky skin, reduces redness, helps improve the appearance of stretchmarks and the texture and elasticity of your skin. The shimmering particles in this product are plastic-free and of mineral origin, they do not harm environment.

    200 ml

  • 7,90 9,90 

    5,5 ml

    Shimmering Lipbalm with mandarin aroma protects lips from sun, wind and environmental, it nourishes and moisturizes lips effectively leaving your lips shimmering! Lipbalm contains unrefind shea butter, cocoa butter, raspberry seed oil with natural sun protectin, lip-protecting beewax, amazing argan oil and tropical mandarin essential oil. Lipbalm helps to keep you lips healthy, soft and silky smooth. Shimmering particles in the product are plastic-free and of mineral origin, they do not harm environment.

  • 15,90 25,90 

    Lightly bronzing Body oil CELEBRATION is fast absorbing complex of carefully chosen plant based oils, which leave your skin soft, silky smooth and shimmering. Body oil nourishes your skin with beta carotene and vitamins, protects it from untimely ageing and harmful effects of the sun. Body oil has a natural SPF (estimated SPF 20), it is enriched with argan oil and E-vitamin, which help to improve elasticity, texture and appearance of stretchmarks.

    100 ml

  • HOIA Kinkekaart
    25,00 100,00 

    HOIA homespa gift card is the best gift for a person who appreciates clean and natural body care products. A gift card is a great gift, because the gift recipient can choose the products they like the best.

    It is possible to receive the gift card both virtually and packaged in a beautiful gift box. You can choose a gift card worth € 25, € 50, € 75 and € 100.