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In the HOIA starter kit, you’ll find 3 of our classics and big favorites of both our customers and the HOIA team, which everyone should have at home!

In the gift set, you’ll find our first product – the Lemongrass Body Scrub; Nourishing Lip Balm with Calendula, which helps keep lips beautiful and healthy during the autumn season, and the Peat Mask, which will make your skin radiant.

More information about the products can be found below.


In the HOIA starter kit, you’ll find 3 of our classics and big favorites.

The kit includes:
⭐️ Lemongrass Body Scrub (200 ml), which is HOIA’s very first product! The body scrub offers you a pleasant aromatherapy experience, tones the skin, and the plant-based fats in the scrub moisturize the skin.

⭐️ Bioactive Peat Mask (2×30 ml), which has a deep cleansing effect and helps regulate the sebum secretion of the facial skin. The mask helps restore the skin’s natural pH and makes the facial skin pleasantly soft. It’s one of HOIA’s big favorites among women.

⭐️ Nourishing Lip Balm with Calendula (5.5 ml), a product that could be handy for all of us! Lip balm protects your lips from the cold and harsh weather, moisturizes them, and keeps your lips healthy!

With HOIA, you are taken care of. Take some time for yourself, escape to the bathroom, and relax!

The kit is packaged in a HOIA gift box. (If you don’t want the gift box, please write about it in the additional information of your order).

A HOIA gift set is perfect for pampering yourself or as a loving gift for someone special!