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The “Gentleness ”  gift set includes 3  HOIA products that help keep your skin soft and radiant in any weather.

In the set, you’ll find:

  1. Aromatic Rose Beauty Water (100 ml): This fragrant beauty water moisturizes, refreshes, and tones the skin, leaving it feeling rejuvenated and radiant.
  2. Deep Moisturizing Hand Balm (50 ml): This deeply hydrating hand balm nourishes and softens the skin, providing relief for dry and rough hands, and leaving them feeling silky smooth.
  3. Essential Calendula Salve (15 ml): This indispensable salve helps soothe and protect the skin, providing relief for dryness, irritation, and minor skin issues. It’s perfect for keeping your lips soft and your skin nourished in harsh weather conditions.

Feel free to explore more about each product below.


The “Gentleness ”  gift set includes:

⭐️ Organic Rose Water (100 ml), which moisturizes, refreshes, and tones the skin. Rose water can be used anywhere – it’s great for moisturizing and cleansing facial skin, refreshing the body, using as a substitute for perfume, and you can also spray it on your hair to make it softer.

⭐️ Deep Moisturizing Hand Balm (50 ml), which moisturizes and nourishes the skin, making your delicate hands silky soft quickly. The hand balm contains plenty of plant oils and monoi butter, giving it anti-inflammatory properties.

⭐️ Calendula Salve (15 ml), which is an indispensable product. This wonderful salve helps keep your lips soft, quickly heals a runny nose area, effectively relieves dry and irritated skin, and protects our delicate skin from freezing temperatures and cold winds.

The products in the set are suitable for people of all ages, making it a delightful treat for yourself or a loved one.

The “Gentleness ” gift set comes packaged in a HOIA gift box.


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