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In our Manly set, we have gathered products specifically designed for men because men’s skin requires special care! All products have a pleasantly masculine scent.

The set includes:

  • REFRESHING FACE WASH AND SHAVING FOAM with peppermint scent, 60ml
  • POST-SHAVE FOAM with a rich composition and fresh scent, 50ml
  • BLUE MONDAY Intensive Foot Cream for deep care, 25ml
  • Calendula LIP BALM.


In our Manly set, we have gathered products specifically designed for men, because men’s skin requires special care! The box contains 4 products that moisturize and nourish men’s skin so that it feels pleasant and soft to the touch.

The set includes:

⭐️ REFRESHING FACE WASH AND SHAVING FOAM is made with organic peppermint hydrosol, gently removing dirt and residue from the skin without drying it out. The foam is suitable for both shaving and facial cleansing. Enriched with domestic seaweed extract, aloe, and allantoin, which help to soothe, soften, and moisturize the skin, while the peppermint hydrosol in the foam provides a refreshing effect. The foam also contains powerful Estonian chamomile extract to calm, relieve, and restore irritated, reddened skin.

⭐️ AFTERSHAVE foam is a richly scented facial foam containing carefully selected plant components whipped into a fluffy balm-like texture, easy to apply, quickly absorbed, and softening the skin. The foam is intended for use both post-shave and daily on the entire face. Its ingredients include unrefined shea butter and cocoa butter, which nurture, protect, and moisturize the skin; coconut oil has antibacterial properties and alleviates various skin problems; argan oil helps protect the skin from environmental damage, reduces ingrown hairs, improves skin texture, helps maintain skin moisture balance, smooths wrinkles, relieves post-shave bumps, irritation, and redness, and has rejuvenating effects.

⭐️ BLUE MONDAY Intensive Foot Cream is a quickly absorbed and rich foot cream based on local yarrow and marigold, but it does not leave the skin greasy. The foot cream contains nurturing shea butter, skin-softening algae, phytosterols from oil plants, and other innovative ingredients that effectively help to alleviate cracks, flakiness, dryness, and keep the skin on the feet in good condition. The essential oils of rosemary and peppermint refresh the skin and stimulate circulation.

⭐️ LIP BALM is made from calendula grown gently in Saaremaa, providing intensive care for the lips. The lip balm effectively moisturizes the lips and helps keep them healthy.

The Manly set is packaged in a white HOIA gift box, but if you don’t want the box, please indicate this in the additional information box when placing your order.


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